Boutique Accommodation
Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand


History of Chy-an-Dowr 687 Portobello Road, Broad Bay Dunedin 

Originally built as a single storey general store in approx. 1905 and rebuilt in 1915 to the existing house, the general store existed until 1971 when it was converted to a private home.
In 1993 Chy~an~Dowr opened as Boutique Accommodation and since then we have welcomed many guests from all over the world.
The original store was named the “Manapai Cash Store” and owned by Archibald Weir, selling groceries and provisions.


Archibald Weir also ran the harbour ferry the “Matariki” until 1909, when it burnt at the water’s edge at Portobello.


Broad Bay was a popular holiday resort early 1900,
with ferries carrying up to 800 people from Dunedin to the Otago Peninsula.


William Duff became the second owner of the “Manapai Cash Store” from approx. 1910.
As seen on the photo a house was built beside the store, but at some stage this house burnt down.


In approx. 1915 the existing house was built above and around the existing store.
With the coming of the motor cars Broad Bay remained a popular holiday destination.
Boating regattas and picnics were a popular pastime.


In the 1950’s there were petrol pumps at the front
and a bakery at the back of the building.
For a while tearooms operated from the front side room.

It remained a general store until the 1970’s when it
ceased trading and was converted to a private home.


In 1993 Chy~an~Dowr opened up as a Bed & Breakfast,
welcoming many guests from all over the world.

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